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New Age Communications service and support LG-Nortel Digital Business Telephone Systems. We provide a comprehensve range of services, including adds, moves and changes, system upgrades, relocations,additional handsets,expansion cards, new extensions and maintenance and support.We also supply new and refurbished LG-Nortel equipment also known as LG-Aria, LG-Ericsson and Ericsson LG.

LG-Nortel Aria 24IP Small Business System

The LG-Nortel Aria24IP is a complete business communications solution, designed to help satisfy the needs of businesses with 2 to 16 phone users.

Today’s convergent world of communications has brought about an evolution in business communication systems. The Aria 24 is part of a new class of communication systems, an IP-Enabled PBX. Built to support Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) while continuing to provide all the services, features and the reliability of a traditional business telephone system.

LG-Nortel Aria 130c/130 IP Medium Systems

The LG-Nortel 130c/130 range of systems is suitable for medium businesses, hotels and resorts. The systems are scalable from 16 extensions to 96 extensions. Due to the modular design of the systems they can be configured with a 4 incoming lines (Analogue, ISDN or VOIP) and 24 can be expanded as your business grows up to 48 incoming lines and 96 extensions, avoiding the upfront cost of paying for additional hardware until it is required.

LG-Nortel Aria 300/600 IP Medium Business Systems

The LG-Nortel 300/600 range of systems is suitable for medium busesses, hotels and resorts. The systems are scalable from 100 extensions to 500 extensions. Due to the modular design of the systems they can be configured with a 8 incoming lines (Analogue, ISDN or VOIP) and 48 extensions can be expanded as your business grows up to 150 incoming lines and 500 extensions, avoiding the upfront cost of paying for additional hardware until it is required.



Networking and Voice over IP (VOIP

Multi-site businesses can seamlessly share common functions such as voicemail and centralised receptionist over their IP data network

Integrated Voice Messaging

Helps to catch every business opportunity the first time they call, every time. The Aria integrated voice messaging provides the features to meet the needs of most organisations such as time and date stamping, forwarding of messages, password protection and multi-level auto attendants. The Aria 300 series integrated voice messaging system starts at 4 ports and 5 hours recording time and is expandable to 24 ports with 30 hours recording time and has been designed to cope with most demand-intensive applications.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Dial customer numbers using details from your computer. Use Caller ID from incoming calls to display customer details before you answer the call (Not available for ID-blocked calls)

Integrated DECT Mobility

Supports up to 192 DECT handsets. Staff are given the freedom to move around the office / warehouse and carry their fully featured extension, improving customer service and satisfaction, as more customer calls are answered first time

Conferencing Options

Allows a user to link in other parties onto the same telephone call The Aria’s PC based attendant console with point and click operation can help process calls quickly and accurately in high call volume environments.

Auto Attendant

The multi-layered Auto Attendant offers callers a number of options, so they may select the one that best suits them. By pressing a single digit they can transfer to reception, off-net to a mobile or another site, choose to leave a message or activate a page. Night messaging also allows you to offer your callers real live options outside of your normal business trading hours.

Integrated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatically transfer calls around a pre-defined group of extensions until answered. If you operate a call centre, it is possibly the communication hub of your business. Aria’s standard business software includes advanced ACD functionality for you to manage this important resource. You will benefit from productivity gains resulting from efficient call handling.

Call Centres

Management and call analysis software are valuable tools for call centres. Information provided by these applications can be made available to management, supervisors and agents anywhere on your LAN. Valuable real-time information, instructions and alerts are now available at a glance on staff computers.

Call Centre Features and Statistics

  • Supervisor can re-route a queued call to a new destination Call monitoring by supervisor
  • Agents can log on to multiple groups Call status on LCD handsets: number of calls in queue, longest time and average time
  • Total calls and number of unanswered calls
  • Average and longest queued calls
  • Number and total time when all agents are busy
  • Average ringing and service time

Remote Office Solution

The remote Service Gateway (RSG) can be viewed as an extention of the Aria system into a remote location. It offers two extensions, features such as alarm relay, paging from the main office system and in the case of power outages or ADSL disruptions, a PSTN back-up is available for emergency calls.

IP Phone or your Laptop

Travelling, working from home or even just a different location in the office, Aria's IP soft phone allows you to remain an integral part of your office's phone system



The LG-Nortel Handset range is compatible with all system models from the 24IP to the 600IP system.

LG Nortel Aria LDP-7004D 4 button phone LG Nortel Aria LDP-7008D 8 button phone LG Nortel Aria LDP-70016D 16 button phone LG Nortel Aria LDP-7024D 24  button phone

LG Aria LDP-7004D

LG Aria LDP-7008D

LG Aria LDP-70016D

LG Aria LDP-7024D