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In these tough economic times with rising fuel, energy and labour costs most business owners are looking for ways to lower overheads and become more efficient. Savvy business owners are also looking for ways to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their carbon emissions..

Voice Over Internet Protocol is telephone calls over Internet Protocol, which could be the internet or an internal data network. A lot of people associate VOIP with cheaper phone calls. This is true, however there are many more money saving applications for VOIP. VOIP technology allows businesses to network telephone systems over multiple locations as if they were in the same office saving on travel time, fuel costs and air fares.

Below are some examples of solutions which we can provide to small and medium size businesses.Our solutions are customised to individual business needs and budgets and are very cost effective with an immediate return on investment.


Example 1:

A medium business has outgrown their existing office and need to move to larger premises, however they can’t break their current lease or don’t want to go to the expense of buying a larger premises.


Instead of relocating the whole business to a larger office they rent space at another location, we install an NEWAGE IP phone system and connect all the telephone extensions in the new office back to the main office system over an internet connection. We also set up secure remote access to the computer network in the main office allowing staff at the new office to connect to the data network at head office. Since this company is trying to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their carbon emissions by using less paper all documents are scanned and available on the server at head office.


Example 2:

The partner in a small family business comes in three days per week to help answer the phone and do the bookkeeping; however the partner needs to spend more time at home to be there when the children leave and arrive home from school. The office is one travel time each way from home.


We install an NEWAGE IP phone system with a remote gateway to the home office providing secure remote access to the office computer network from the home office. Calls which come into the main number can be answered at the home office and transferred back to extensions at the main office or mobile workers in the field. The partner no longer needs to travel to the office and can work from home as if they were sitting in the main office. Now, when the receptionist goes out to lunch she simply ‘forwards’ her extension to the home office to be answered by the partner at home. Video conferencing is also part of the solution. Documents can be shared and exchanged during a video call between main office and home office. This solution not only saves time in travel costs, but also helps reduce the business’s carbon footprint.


Example 3:

An expanding business has offices in Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney and Bejing. They can’t justify the expense of four receptionists.


They install an NEWAGE IP phone system and the company advertises local numbers for each office. All calls are answered by the receptionist at Head Office on a PC based console at the Gold Coast and calls are transferred directly to the extensions in Melbourne, Sydney, Beijing or the mobile phones of field staff, saving on the cost of a receptionist for the other three offices. Further savings are made on call charges between the four offices. They also have their weekly sales meetings via video conference from the flat screen TV monitor in the board room at head office on the Gold Coast to desk top computers at the satellite offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Bejing. All this can be done through the phone system.


Example 4:

A start up small business operator can’t afford to hire a full time receptionist/secretary.


He decides to employ a working mother to work part time from her home office. We install an IP phone system on a monthly repayment plan with a remote extension at his secretary’s home office. The secretary answers incoming calls and takes messages or transfers the calls or emails messages to her boss when he is in the office or to his mobile phone (at no call cost). They have a daily video conference using their PC based IP video soft phones and can share documents at the same time.

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