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The NBN is an Australian Government initiative which will deliver high speed broadband to all Australians. The NBN is a new, wholesale only, open access high speed broadband network.

The NBN will involve the laying of fibre optic cabling to at least 93 per cent of Australian homes, schools and businesses, capable of delivering speeds of 100 megabits per second, or up to 100 times faster than many people experience today. The remaining premises will be connected via a combination of next generation high speed wireless and satellite technologies delivering broadband speeds of 12 megabits per second or more.

How will the NBN effect business telecommunications?

The fibre optic high speed broadband network will be IP based. That means that that the existing copper network will be replaced with fibre optic cables.

Traditional copper phone lines will disappear and will be replaced with high speed broadband links running Voice and Data and Video over the same connection.

All Telephone calls will be Voice Over Internet Protocol. (VOIP)


What will the advantages of the National Broadband Network to businesses?

  • Faster Internet Speeds, quicker downloads and web pages will open faster
  • More reliable and High Quality Phone VOIP Phone Calls
  • IP TV (Internet TV)
  • Tele Medicine
  • Video Conferencing will become common place for most businesses
  • Distance learning via video conference
  • More people will be able to work from home, saving on office space, travel time and fuel costs and cutting greenhouse emissions
  • Telecommunications costs will come down as carriers and service providers will all operate from one national network on an even playing field. The Telstra monopoly will finally be broken
  • Cloud computing

Will businesses need to upgrade their Telephone Systems?

Yes. Most current phone systems which connect to analogue or ISDN phone lines will need to be replaced or upgraded.


Which telephone systems will work on the new network?

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